Lavalier Lapel Microphone

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“An effective mic for both Android & iPhone recordings!”

PowerDeWise Lavalier Lapel Microphone for Android/iPhone w/extension & case

  • NOISE CANCELLING FOR FLAWLESS RECORDINGS ­ PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphones record clean and clear sound for professional results. Use for Youtube Podcasting, GarageBand, or even to record your own rap!
  • 3.5 MM TRRS COMPATIBLE JACK ­ Simply plug the microphone into your Apple MacBook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone and clip on to your shirt. Now you can instantly reproduce your voice, no additional plugs or batteries needed. (!) Compatible with PC and laptop, compatible with those cameras that do not require active microphone (with batteries)
  • 3­IN­1 VALUE PACK FOR NO HASSLE ­ Each purchase includes a FREE 79” velcro wrapped extension cord so you can move around the room without unplugging the mic. We also throw in an extra storage case so you can safely bring your mic wherever you go!
  • DO NOT BUY CHEAP IMITATIONS ­ We have created our microphones with the highest quality parts because we know how much our users depend on it. Our tiny mics are built to record voice from multiple directions, in large rooms, and even outdoors!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ­ If you are not absolutely happy, for any reason, with your experience recording on our lavalier microphones, simply send it back for a full refund. No questions asked!

RECENT REVIEW : “I’ve purchased and tried mics from Radio Shack, Audio-Technica, and Shure. All powered, small, condenser mics in the lower price range (under $50 each). Most condenser mics need phantom power either from the recording device or a battery. This one does not. The funny thing is that it was actually louder than my powered Audio-Technica. I don’t know what kind of magic is going on there, but it sounds great. In fact, it’s so strong and powerful, I think I’ll clip it lower on my lapel than the position I previously used the Audio-Technica.”


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