PLEASE NOTE: Targeted State & Billboard amounts are GOALS of a campaign not absolutes. Bidding will not always result in acquisition of stated target amount. In some cases fewer states & billboards will be acquired due to competing bids & companies. In such a situation your ad’s will be maxed out on acquired signs until the budget is exhausted. (ie: Failure to acquire Texas could result in increased ad “Flips” in California.) In all cases billboard budgets are exhausted, no balance exists at the end of the 30 days. If by some chance a balance exists it is applied to the following cycle; however, to date this has never occurred due to acquisition compensation “Flips”. These figures are ALWAYS shown in the 30 day reports showing ad “Flip” increases. (ie: You may see billboards that show 30 “Flips”, while another is showing 200 “Flips”) This is how bid failure acquisition compensation algorithms manifest in a 30 day summary.