:|: TECH RELATED :|: Electronics & technology related articles that discuss a wide range of products.  The goal of most articles is to assist consumers in avoiding used, refurbished and/or otherwise questionable products.  Photography & Video product topics are included in this category.


:|: SOCIAL MEDIA :|: Various social media posts & news articles that have been converted to blog posts for posterity.  You can find everything from social media excerpts to authored technology articles.  They are categorized with keyword tags for effective search results.  Many of the posts have ‘links’ removed due to security & privacy concerns.


:|: VARIOUS SUBJECTS :|: Wide range of topics generally focused on useful information that is unrelated to technology.  Some content contains links to useful sources of information and/or products.  The only criteria for data contained herein being the avoidance of race, religion, political & online drama.  This is a catch-all for data & articles that may limited or difficult to categorize.