“Utilizing targeted SEO organics & SEM strategies to push content directed traffic!”


☑ SEM PROMOTION = Search engine marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO) to drive content towards page 1 of Google, Bing, Safari, Yahoo, Ask, & AOL.

 POWER SHARES = Using shares to promote content is standard practice now, the future is sharing organic content to a targeted audience.

  $5 TARGETED SHARE = (Sold as a 10 pack for $50) – Targeted organic share campaign, including connective tags, perfect for videos achieving 25+ views per hour (VPH).

 $10 STANDARD PROMOTION = (Sold as a 10 pack for $100) – 1,000 view-count budget AdWord style promotion, ideal for recently uploaded videos & those with low view-counts!

 $15 COMPLEX PROMOTION = (Sold as a 10 pack for $150) – Combined promotion designed to maximize content promotion, providing both “Targeted Shares & Views Promotion!”