BASIC VIDEO EDITS – Titles, personal & branded intro’s

:|: $10 – $25 basic video editing :|:

  • Adding basic titles to existing content such as names, addresses and online links.
  • Including your existing company intro and/or outro to existing videos.
  • Rendering content in 1080p@60fps for improved quality & clarity.
  • Does not include creation of new content.  Discussion of goals and/or user provided content required.  (Maximum content resolution 1920×1080@60fps.)


ADVANCED SETUP – YouTube channel optimization

:|: $150 advanced channel setup :|:

  • Every major trick, tip & advanced setting DAY 1, comprehensive phone consultation included.
  • Utilizes over 40 YouTube Certified Growth consultant strategies & dozens of innovative concepts!
  • FREE online presence techniques training to compliment your overall online business goals.
  • This service has been developed & updated consistently since 2007.  Needless to say there is more to this than can be listed here!


YOUTUBE CHANNELS – Brand Channel Management

:|: $500 / 6 month service :|:

  • YouTube channel management featuring comprehensive support & growth strategies.
  • Establishes a verified brand channel with a guided path to YouTube ‘Partner’ status!
  • Eliminates many of the complex details, SEO workloads & day 1 common mistakes.
  • Includes training, detailed strategy calls, analytics breakdowns allowing you focus on content creation & viewer engagement.

YOUTUBE VIDEOS – “White Hat” Promotion Services

:|: Targeted Shares & Maximize Networked Organics :|:

  • Utilizing optimized organic 2018 search analytics in conjunction with targeted shares to push ahead of the pack.
  • Generate views for critical business product & service videos for strong placement in search engines!
  • Revitalize older videos with fresh promotion strategies & connect videos using 500 character multi-word tags.
  • Control “creator suggestions” videos from YouTube with episodic networked content strategies.

BILLBOARD ADVERTISING – Create stronger brand recognition

:|: LED Billboard Campaigns :|:

  • 30 day ad campaigns start at $60 for up to 20 billboards!
  • Create strong, positive brand image recognition.
  • Access 100’s of Billboards across 20 states in the continental U.S.
  • Simply provide a company logo image, promotional artwork or banner & a 3-6 word call-to-action tagline!