Cosmetics & Style Industry

:|: Specific MLM Focus :|:  A series of MLM & direct sales focused tests that cater to specific clientele.  These tests are generated for educational & entertainment purposes.  They are not meant for accreditation or certification requirements.  All results are tracked and added to a database allowing those taking the test to see how they measure up to other participants.

Automotive Industry

:|: Historical Evaluations :|:  These tests are part of a hobbyist section & include extremely detailed multimedia questions.  This series is still under developments as of the creation of this description text.  These tests are designed for automotive history entertainment & education.

Certification Courses

:|: Information Technology :|:  Exams designed for certification preparation assistance.  These exams emulate the actual certification process required for a Hardware Technician License.  Included are lesser quizzes & tests for a wide range of electronics subjects/products.