“Creating content directed traffic that builds strong brand recognition & loyal clients!”

      • STEP ONE : A successful YouTube experience is making sure your DAY ZERO setup establishes both a strong online presence & protection from ToS punishments.  DAY ZERO has nothing to do with views, subscriptions or even videos.  If you have an existing YouTube channel you need to make sure that is is a BRAND channel.
      • DAY ONE : Focus on proper channel defaults, format & advanced settings.  You are still not concerned with subs, views or videos at this point.
      • SETTINGS : There are at least 40 settings, tips & strategies to EVERY successful YouTube channel.  Businesses are most likely to miss over half of these even if they follow EVERY webinar, PDF & growth consultant trick!
      • EXPERIENCE : The bottom-line, it’s all about experience.  Knowledge can help you gain skills over time, but channel management experience ONLY comes from developing dozens or even 100’s of channels over 5-10 years.  You need to understand video creation technology, trending topics, SEO, graphic design & effective brand recognition tactics.
      • MANAGERS : Having a channel manager is critical to success.  Most businesses big & small operate struggling or failing YouTube channels.
      • FOUNDATION : Nothing is ever guaranteed in the online world, except one thing.  If you don’t have the foundations in place for success, you will never realize such success.  An effective channel manager should do more than optimize video SEO, they should be invested in your business and online goals as if they were their own.
      • FOCUS : Accomplished marketing managers should have tech, business & people skills.  Working with 12 different consultants on a singular objective will likely incur dozens of obstacles, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
      • WORKLOAD : YouTube channels should do the heavy lifting for the content creator so you don’t have to sound like a desperate telemarketer in your videos, grasping at straws instead of commanding trends.